The awareness, clarity, and connectedness of the actor’s mind, heart, and body are essential in bringing a fictional character to a complex, spontaneous, and compelling life. As actors, we examine the human heart and human behavior from our personal perspectives, which always includes personal experiences and our imagination. They can’t be separated. Personalization leads the actor to more fully understand concepts/tools, ‘transference’ (‘substitution’), and when and how to use this tool of ‘transference’ effectively.

Characters In Crisis

Personalization In Practice

In this class you will apply the tools from Comprehensive Technique and Personalization.

This class will provide an opportunity to personalize iconic roles from an emotionally challenging play in an intense, nurturing classroom/ rehearsal process. You will start with effective homework, in-class analysis and table work, then working effectively with script-in-hand and rehearsal exercises. Once off book, there will be more rehearsing, and finally an open class presentation.

The fusion of personal experience and imagination, along with awareness, clarity, and connectedness of the actors heart, mind, and body are essential in bringing a character to a complex and compelling life. You have everything you need to tackle these roles. Your own story is unique, and developing everyday. You will be guided, nurtured, and challenged to dig deep, to push yourself to be able to “mine the gold”- you unique self.

Each class will begin with a physical and personalization warm-up.

1 Script: A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennessee Williams


Pre-requisite: Personalization 1 or HFAS Faculty recommendation.


10 Actors
35 hours of class/rehearsal time
Final Open Class Presentation


Application required: Headshot & resume plus a paragraph about why you would like to take this class. Send to






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