UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: Personalization On-Camera with Marilyn McIntyre


The camera is the most intimate acting partner that you will ever have. It sees into your soul, and captures every fleeting thought or emotion.


In this class, actors will:

  • Work exclusively on camera, in medium to extreme close-ups
  • Be on tape 5-6 times throughout the course, and
  • Review playbacks of their work
  • Learn the psychology of distance and space, and whatchanges when the camera is present
  • Learn the psychology of the close-up and how it relates toaudience
  • Gain skills which help the actor connect the craft to the camera
On- Camera Personalization


Check out what students have to say about Up Close and Personal!

July 19, 2018

Chris Pardal


“Taking ‘Up Close & Personal’ with Marilyn McIntyre gave me the confidence in my technique to know how to prepare myself for deeply emotional scenes on camera, in a close up. A must for every actor!”

– Chris Pardal


July 8, 2018

Ryan Adams


“Marilyn McIntyre’s Up-Close & Personal class is a game changer for any actor that is serious about their craft! It’s amazing to see the techniques taught in the class played back to you so you can see them working for yourself. Then we discussed what we saw and were able to make adjustments. I learned so much and grew a tremendous amount over the three day intensive.”

– Ryan Quinn Adams



July 6, 2018

Sarah Carson


“I took Marilyn McIntyre’s On Camera Personalization 3 day workshop called “Up Close & Personal” that was given at the Howard Fine Studio in June of 2018.  I had previously taken Marilyn’s Personalization class (not on camera) somewhat before.  The footage recorded of the various exercises over those three days show that my acting noticeably improved in that three day period.  Marilyn is an actor’s teacher, very sympathetic to what all actors go through, but she still tells it straight in order to give the actor honest feedback.  I couldn’t recommend this workshop more.”

– Sarah



July 6, 2018

Elina Kay


“Amazing class and beautiful people. The best way to spend the weekend is to do something you love, and I’m glad I spent 3 days working hard in the intensive on camera class with Marilyn McIntyre, who is, by the way, one of the best coaches I’ve had! She really put me in touch with myself and created a safe space to be vulnerable. I’m very grateful that I got to be a part of such a wonderful experience.

Thank you so much for the class!!”

– E. K.



June 24, 2018

Janet Craig


What an amazing weekend!

Thank you all for the special time.

– Janet C

Limited to 8 spots!

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3 Day Intensive!

Next Sessions Offered:

January 25th, 26th & 27th

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